• LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2


The models LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2 combine the compactness of LS-2134UTF laser with the increased energy and small divergence derived from an intracavity telescope and special double rod laser pumping chamber which allows operation in oscillator-amplifier mode (Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier MOPA) with a single power supply and a cooling system.

Using the unique laser chamber design reduces undesired parasitic oscillations that can limit output energy. The closed and rigid folded structure of the laser emitter provides small dimensions, stable and dust free operation of laser components.

Featuring a VRM, LS-2137U, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2 retain the advantages of rugged design, high stability and user friendly operation. The VRM resonator gives excellent harmonics conversion due to increased spatial uniformity of output beam, low divergence and short pulse duration (6-7 nanosecond).

The crystals for the second (KTP), third (KDP, BBO or LBO) and fourth (KDP or BBO) harmonics are set in the precise temperature controlled ovens. Harmonic separators provide highly efficient generation and high spectral purity of the output radiation.

There is no need for an external water supply: the cooling system is totally self-contained with water-to-air heat exchanger. The fifth harmonic assembly (213 nm) can be added either by using a BBO crystal to mix the fourth harmonic with the fundamental frequency or by mixing the second and the third harmonics. This gives a convenient and cost effective source of a short UV radiation.

The lasers LS-2137, LS-2147, LS-2137U, LS-2137U-N/2 and LS-2147U-N/2 are the ideal tool for research — ablation, OPO pumping, LIDAR, spectroscopy (including LIF, LIBS) — and OEM applications.


LS-2137U-N LS-2137U-N/2 LS-2147U-N/2
Energy, mJ 1064 nm 700 700 850
532 nm 400 400 450
355 nm 160 - -
266 nm 120 - -
213 nm 25* - -
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 6-7 6-7 6-7
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 10 10 10
Beam divergence (Θ 0,86), mrad ≤0.8 ≤0.8 ≤0.8
Beam diameter, mm ≤8.0 ≤8.0 ≤8.0
Jitter**, ns ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Energy stability (StdDev), % 1064 nm 1.5 1.5 1.5
Size LxWxH, mm Laser Head 950x304x143 820x304x143 820x304x143
Power Supply 391x364x192 391x364x192 391x364x192
Cooling System 391x364x280 391x364x280 391x364x280
Remote Control 105x175 105x175 105x175
Power requirements Single Phase 220 ±20V, 50-60 Hz, 750 W

* with Harmonic Generator Assembly HG-Fifth

** with respect to external trigger of Q-switch


LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2

Power Nd: YAG Lasers with built-in harmonics

  • Power Nd: YAG Lasers with built-in harmonics
  • Product Code: LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2
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