• LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40


LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40 is a fully integrated laser system that combines Q-switched pump laser and Ti-sapphire converter of Nd:YAG green second harmonic radiation (532 nm) into tunable near IR, UV and visible spectral band. It is designed for scientifi c research in photochemistry, biology, medicine, for PAT and LIBS applications. Th e laser consists of laser head, power supply (PS), cooling system (CS) with water-to-air heat exchanger, controller (CU), and remote control (RC).

Features & advantages:

  • Possibility of independent operation of pump laser at 1064 and 532 nm as well as tunable lasing.
  • Hands free operation and automatically switching output wavelengths.
  • PC control of pump laser and fundamental harmonic of Ti:Sa laser.
  • Built-in high efficiency Ti:Sapphire second harmonic unit
  • Narrow output linewidth
  • Laser can be fi t with external third and forth harmonic units of Nd:YAG and Ti:Sa, which increases the total tuning range to the UV spectral range up to 210 nm.


LS-2145-LT50 LS-2134-LT40
Wavelength, nm 1064, 532, 355*, 266* 1064, 532, 355*, 266*
Tuning Range, nm at Fundamental 690-1000 690-1000
at Fourth Harmonic 210-235* 210-235*
at Third Harmonic 235-325*
at Second Harmonic 350-500
Energy, mJ 1064 nm 350 260
532 nm 230 160
Ti:Sa, FF 50/25** 40/18
Ti:Sa, SH ≥20/10** 20/7
Linewidth δλ at maximum of tuning range of FF, nm ≤0.1/0.01** ≤0.1/0.01**
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 10 10
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 1064nm 12-15 12-15
Beam divergence ( Θ0.86), mrad 1064nm ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Ti:Sa (at FF) ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Energy stability (StdDev), % 1064 nm 1.0 1.0
Size LxWxH, mm Laser Head 670x474x143 670x474x143
Power Supply 363x364x192 363x364x192
Cooling System 363x364x280 363x364x280
Control Unit 363x364x111 363x364x111
Remote Control 105x175 105x175
Power requirements Single Phase 220 ±20V, 50-60 Hz, 10А

*with Hamonic Generators HG-T, HG-F

**with an optional intracavity Fabry-Perot etalon


LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40

Integrated Nd:YAG-Ti sapphire laser system

  • Integrated Nd:YAG-Ti sapphire laser system
  • Product Code: LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40
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