• LS-2145-OPO


The main features of the LS-2145-OPO:

  • Independent outputs of all Nd:YAG laser harmonics (1064 nm, 532 nm 355 nm) as well as OPO radiation
  • Automatically switching of wavelength outputs
  • PC control of laser parameters
  • Monitoring of Nd:YAG harmonics energy by built-in photo probes
  • Small divergence and narrow line width of OPO radiation
  • Polarizing separation of OPO signal and idler waves
  • Single BBO crystal for the whole tuning range
  • An internally sealed water cycle cooling system with water-to-air heat exchanger

Beam profile

OPO spots of SW at laser output (near field)

OPO spots of IW at laser output (near field)

Tuning curves of signal and idler waves, E(355 nm)=82 mJ


Wavelength, nm 1064, 532, 355
Tuning Range, nm at signal wave(SW) 400-709
at idler wave (IW) 710-2300
SH OPO (optional) 210-400
Energy, mJ 1064 nm 350
532 nm 230
355 nm 100/120
SW (at max of tuning curve) 25
IW (at max of tuning curve) 5
SH OPO (at max of tuning curve) 3
OPO linewidth (SW at 450 nm), nm 0.1
Energy stability (StdDev), % 1064 nm 0.6
532 nm 0.8
355 nm 1.5
SW (at max of tuning curve) 3.0
IW (at max of tuning curve) 5.0
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 1064nm ≤12-15
OPO ≤8-10
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 10
Beam diameter, mm Nd:YAG laser ≤6
OPO ≤5
Beam divergence (Θ 0,86), mrad OPO ≤1.5
1064nm ≤1.0
Polarization 1064 nm, 532 nm, SW horizontal
355 nm, IW, SH OPO (optional) vertical
Size LxWxH, mm Laser Head 650x424x143
Power Supply 391x364x192
Cooling System 391x364x280
Remote Control 130x180
SH OPO (optional) 276x207x125
Power requirements 220±20 В, 50-60 Hz, 10 A


LS-2145-OPO –Integrated laser system Nd:YAG laser –tunable optical parametric oscillator

  • LS-2145-OPO –Integrated laser system Nd:YAG laser –tunable optical parametric oscillator
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