• LS-2147A


LS-2147A is new improved model of LOTIS high power lasers. Laser consists of two independent modules: oscillator and power amplifier.

The special design of pump chambers suppresses undesired parasitic super luminescence oscillations that limit output energy.

Laser has built-in second harmonic and is supplied with external third and forth harmonics units.

Features & benefits:

  • Compact design
  • High energy UV output (266 nm)
  • Automatically changing output wavelength with color coded LED indicators of operating mode
  • Remote control and PC control of laser parameters (Pockels cell control, oscillator/amplifier delay, pump energy, shot and time counters).


Energy, mJ 1064 nm 1400
532 nm 700
355 nm 300*
266 nm 180*
213 nm 40**
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 1064 nm 10-12
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 10
Beam divergence (Θ 0,86), mrad ≤1.5
Beam diameter, mm ≤10.0
Jitter***, ns ±1.0
Energy stability (StdDev), % 1064 nm 2.5
Size LxWxH, mm Laser Head 705 x 306 x 143
Power Supply 386x449x177
Cooling System 386x449x280 2pcs
Remote Control 105x75
HG-T, HG-F Unit 150x340x125, 330x190x125
Power requirements Single phase, 220±20 V, 50-60 Hz, 2000 W

*with Hamonic Generators HG-T, HG-F

**with Harmonic Generator Assembly HG-Fifth

***with respect to external trigger of Q-switch


High energy Nd:YAG laser

  • High energy Nd:YAG laser
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