• LT-2215-OPG


LT-2215-OPG is a new picosecond parametric generator designed especially to extend the application of our Nd:YAG picosecond laser LS-2151.

LT-2215-OPG has build-in third harmonic generator (355 nm) for pump laser and provides tuning range 425-2300 nm as well as operation at third harmonic of LS-2151.

LT-2215-OPG has Type II OPG and high power OPA stages inside and could be delivered with the manual control (model LT-2215-OPG) or with PC control (model LT-2215-OPG-PC).

Tuning curves of LT-2215-OPG

Fig.1 Tuning curve of the idler wave*

Fig.2 Tuning curve of the signal wave*

* Example of tuning curve, may be different, for reference only.


Tuning Range, nm at signal wave(SW) 425-710
at idler wave (IW) 710-2300
Pump radiation conversation efficiency
(at max of tuning curve), %
на 15 Hz, IW+SW 12
на 15 Hz, SW 10
Pulse repetition rate, Hz 15
Typical Linewidth δλ, nm 1.5
Polarization SW и IW SW-Linear Horizontal, IW-Linear Vertical
TH (355nm) Output, mJ 20


Picosecond Tunable Optical Parametric Generator

  • Picosecond Tunable Optical Parametric Generator
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