• LT-2214-PC, LT-2215-PC


LT-2214-PC and LT-2215-PC lasers: Enhanced versions of the LT-2214 OPO and LT-2215 OPO providing PC controlled automated tuning.

USB interface control software via a Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/Windows NT®/2000/XP program interface.


LT-2214-PC LT-2215-PC
Tuning Range, nm at signal wave(SW) 415-690 420-710
at idler wave (IW) 715-2300 710-2300
Pulse repetition rate, Hz ≤50 ≤50
Typical Linewidth δλ, nm ≤0.5* ≤0.15*
Pump radiation conversation efficiency
(at max of tuning curve), %
10Hz, SW+IW up to 40** up to 30**
10Hz, SW up to 30** up to 20**
Polarization SW и IW SW-Linear Horizontal, IW-Linear Horizontal SW-Linear Horizontal, IW-Linear Vertical
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 1-2 ns less than pump pulse duration***
Phasematching Type I Type II

*at the 500 nm, depending on pump laser

**typically for pump energy>70mJ

***determined by the pump pulse duration and generated ?


LT-2214-PC, LT-2215-PC

Automated Tunable Converters

  • Automated Tunable Converters
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